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General Information
How can I purchase tickets on your site?
What is the difference between the primary and secondary market?
Can't I just buy my tickets from a scalper at the venue?
Is this a legitimate site?
What is the Buyer Guarantee?
Where does the inventory listed on your site come from?
Will my information be shared if I purchase on your site?
Ticket and Event Information
What does it mean if the tickets say "Obstructed View"?
Why is my name not on the ticket?
Where can I find out what time the venue opens or when certain acts are set to perform?
How will I be notified when the seller confirms my order?
Should I bring my order summary email to my event?
Can I get the tickets I ordered sooner than the expected delivery date?
Why did I receive different tickets than what I ordered?
Can I have my tickets resent to me if they are damaged or if I no longer have them in my possession?
Cancellation and Exchange Policies
Do you offer refunds for events that are cancelled or rescheduled?
Can I cancel my order or exchange my tickets?
Pricing and Fees
Is the price displayed for a listing the cost of a single ticket or the entire group of tickets?
Who sets the price of the tickets on your site?
Can I submit an offer or negotiate the price of tickets with the seller?
Are the more expensive tickets always better seats?
Do ticket prices typically drop as the event date approaches?
What additional fees will be applied to my order?
Can I switch my payment method after the order has been placed?
The price I paid for my tickets is different than what is printed on them. Why is that?
Prices have gone down for tickets similar to the ones I purchased. Are you able to exchange them or refund the difference?
Ticket Delivery
Am I guaranteed to receive my tickets in time for the event?
Can I track the tickets that are being shipped to me?
I did not receive my tickets the day after I placed my order even though I selected Overnight Delivery at checkout. Why is that?
Are Mobile E-tickets, Email Delivery, and Instant Download the same? How do I use these tickets?
What happens if I'm not available when the tickets are delivered?
Why is there a signature requirement on my package?
Can I change my shipping address?
Can I request a delivery method change?
Can I have the email to download my tickets resent to me?
What should I do if I am unable to download the ticket file?
What should I do if I ordered Email Delivery tickets but don't have a printer at home?
Why is there a fee for the delivery of e-tickets?
Is it possible to get hard copies of my e-tickets to keep as a souvenir?
Can the venue just scan the tickets off my phone?
Why were printed e-tickets shipped to me?
Why do I have to pay a Special Delivery fee?
What does Special Delivery mean?
My event is more than a week away, why is Special Delivery my only option?
Can I change the pickup name for my Special Delivery order?
Why did I receive an email stating that my Special Delivery order can now ship?
What do I do if I run into issues picking up my tickets on the day of the event?
What does Paperless Delivery mean?
What is “AXS Mobile ID”? How do I know this is a secure method
My tickets are supposed to be held at Will Call. What is that?
What does it mean if my order is set for Electronic Transfer?
My delivery method says Local Pickup. How will I know where to go?
Browsing for Tickets and Placing Your Order
How can I search for tickets?
Why can't I add a different set of tickets to my cart?
How do I filter the ticket listings by an attribute (quantity, price, etc...)?
Why can't I select the quantity of tickets I want?
How close to the event can I purchase tickets?
How will my tickets be delivered?
Will I receive my tickets if the event is within the next few days?
What payment methods can I use to place my order?
Can I buy tickets to give as a gift?
Do children need their own tickets?
Where will my seats be located? Will they be together?
If there are two listings with the same section and row, will they be next to each other?
How do I know if parking or other perks are included with tickets listed on your site?
What does it mean if a seller is a "Preferred Seller"?
What does GA and SRO stand for?
Can I purchase ADA or wheelchair-accessible seats on your site?
What is “Zone Seating”?
Are all prices in US Dollars?
When will I be charged for my order?
Is it possible to split an order between multiple forms of payment?

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